Gubmint PR Blogger Might Say Something Interesting — Someday

A new blog among the 30,000 to 40,000 that allegedly appear daily worldwide has entered the (ho-hum) fray. Ragan Communications, a disseminator of corporate communications how-to publications, conferences and other self-help stuff for professional communicators (read: corporate mouthpieces) has sponsored Deep Background, supposedly written by a high-placed government PR person who seeks to remain anonymous.

A quick gander through the site revealed a lack of anything remotely interesting or insightful. Although it is creating some buzz in some media, the site content is too self-referential and too superficial to justify the time it takes to read it. Typical of Ragan products, the blog promises much but delivers little. Maybe that will change over time as the anonymous blogger gets his bearings and figures out exactly why the heck he’s doing this. Or not.

Perhaps it’s better to leave Deep Background deep in the background. Stick with Pensito Review, gentle reader, for cool political and cultural insights, snarky satire and occasional outbursts of heavy stuff.


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