Harris is Listening (and Dreaming)

Tomorrow’s the big day for Katherine Harris. She’ll announce her candidacy for United States Senate at the Sarasota Boys and Girls Club, then embark on a whirlwind, 10-city “listening” tour. And in true Republican style, Harris plans to listen to only the right folks.

Miami Herald:

“Our tour will be a very special time for me and my family [Harris said] as we look forward to sharing these moments with friends and supporters throughout our state.”

It’s not just a Repug love-in, however. Oh no, Harris is about so much more.

“I look forward to spending time in every county listening to Floridians’ concerns, as well as their dreams for a better tomorrow. So much more can be accomplished for our great state. This race is about our citizens and their needs and what we can achieve together for a stronger state.”

Call me picky, but there are 67 counties in Florida, not 10. And a person can only hold citizenship from a country, not a state. Maybe she meant to say, “residents of Florida.” And probably she meant to say, “what we can achieve together that makes me richer.”

Painting a picture of a Florida that needs Harris to rescue it is revolting. Bill Nelson has worked hard and well for Florida and Harris is far from his equal. Maybe that’s why the Republicans tried so hard to get Speaker of the Florida House Allan Bense to run instead. Even they know Harris is a joke.


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