Wingnut Media Critic Blames Failure of ‘Situation’ on Rachel Maddow’s Short Hair

Wingnuttery: AIM’s Cliff Kincaid blames the failure of Tucker Carlson’s show on the presence of Rachel Maddow, “a lesbian with hair so short that she looks like a man.”

As we suspected, Tucker Carlson’s show on MSNBC, “The Situation,” is just awful. It zips right along, that’s for sure, but it is so obviously an attempt to capture and hold the attention of the ADD generation that somehow the net result is boring.

The audience is staying away in droves, as Mr. Mayer would have put it. “The Situation” ranks near or at the bottom of the MSNBC line-up, and MSNBC is Number Three among the three cable newsers.

The only bright spot on the show is the presence of Rachel Maddow, the resident liberal who conssistently holds her own against the base-pandering Carlson and a revolving cast of winger knuckleheads.

But in our tomayto/tomahto world, rightwing cultural elites say the show’s weakness is not caused by its uber-unctious bow-tied host but rather by the presences of a woman whose hair is too threateningly short, fromMedia Matters:

Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor Cliff Kincaid blamed Media Matters for America and regular guest Rachel Maddow for the lagging ratings of MSNBC’s The Situation with Tucker Carlson. MSNBC has announced that Carlson’s show will lose its prime-time slot and move to 11 p.m. ET.

In his August 1 column posted on AIM’s website, Kincaid correctly noted that The Situation is averaging only 200,000 viewers per night, but suggested that the show’s unpopularity was not the fault of its host. Kincaid lamented, “The problem with the Carlson show is the format, which places too much emphasis on his guests, including a regular named Rachel Maddow,” an Air America Radio host whom he described as “a lesbian with hair so short that she looks like a man.”


One thought on “Wingnut Media Critic Blames Failure of ‘Situation’ on Rachel Maddow’s Short Hair”

  1. The Situation with Tucker Carlson is awful because Tucker Carlson is awful.

    Can’t make a Louis Vuitton out of a horse’s arse, you know.

    Tucker Carslon was, is and probably always shall be, an intellectual lightweight with an overblown idea of his miniscule talents.

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