Reid: Rove Matter Shows Bush Is Not a Man of His Word

BuzzFlash: [What] is your reaction to the now-public evidence that Karl Rove was a participant in one way or another in the outing of a CIA operative specializing in tracking weapons of mass destruction? What’s the role of the President of the United States in holding such treachery accountable, whatever the legal outcome might be?

Senator Reid: What it shows me is that the President is not a person of his word. He said almost two years ago that if anyone in his Administration was caught being involved in this, they would be fired. There is no question Karl Rove is involved in it. Evidence is heavy. The President, after finding that Rove’s involved, changes his standard from “being involved” in it to having committed a crime. Well, crimes are hard to prove, and then you go through the appellate process. What does this mean? It means the President is not a credible person.

— Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, interviewed by Buzzflash, August 1, 2005


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