Dems Demand Bush-Cheney ’04 Return Tainted ‘Coingate’ Money

The Democratic National Committee has demanded that President Bush’s re-election campaign return over $100,000 that Bush-Cheney ’04 may have received in money stolen in the GOP “Coingate” scandal, reports the Toledo Blade.

Coin dealer Tom Noe, a Republican fat cat and donor, apparently talked GOP state officials into investing public money in rare coins, and now $10 million to $12 million from that $50 million fund is missing.

After the money went missing, Noe made donations to GOP elected officials in Ohio, including Gov. Bob Taft. It appears Noe made a donation to Bush-Cheney ’04, as well:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI are investigating whether Mr. Noe violated campaign-finance laws. That probe has focused on an October, 2003, fund-raiser in Columbus that generated $1.4 million for the Bush campaign.

The Bush-Cheney campaign lists Mr. Noe as a “pioneer” for raising from $100,000 to $250,000 for the President’s re-election campaign.

Bush stole the election in 2000. Now it appears he won Ohio in 2004 with stolen money.

(Thanks to Friend of PR Kim for the update!)


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