Wes Clark Is the Dems’ Go-To Guy on Security Issues

I voted for Gen. Clark in the California primary and still believe he could have beaten George W. Bush – there sure as hell wouldn’t have been a Swift Boat Liars onslaught against him – so I’m glad learn he’s working with the party’s Congressional leadership. Via Carpetbagger:

Roll Call has a really interesting article today (alas, it’s unavailable to non-subscribers) on Wesley Clark and the role he is establishing for himself in Dem policy circles. There’s a lot to this.

“Retired Gen. Wesley Clark has taken a high-profile role, both on and off Capitol Hill, as a Democratic spokesman and foreign policy adviser, stoking speculation that he is planning another national campaign in 2008.

” Clark has emerged as a regular presence on Capitol Hill in the last few months.

” His allies paint him as a ‘go-to guy’ for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) on foreign policy matters, pointing out that he has been repeatedly invited by the duo to address their respective caucuses on the handling of current military situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

” Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman, noted that Clark is a member of the two leaders’ National Security Advisory Group.

‘“He is someone that Sen. Reid will continue to look to for advice,’ Manley added.”

The implications in the 2008 race are obvious, and the article notes that Clark is continuing to cultivate his relationships with key Dem leaders, including Reps. Charlie Rangel (N.Y.) and Rahm Emanuel (Ill.). Of course, it’s not just beltway activities either — Clark is maintaining a busy speaking schedule with Dems across the country, including a speech next month at the annual Flag Day Dinner of the Manchester City Democratic Committee in New Hampshire.

Those who were with Clark before haven’t lost their enthusiasm. Though I was surprised to see it in print, I think this was a telling remark:

“I’m convinced we would have won with him,” Rangel said.


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