“They Will Know Us By Our T-Shirts” – Jesus?

At last, someone has figured out how to make even more money off the faithful: T-shirts for teens, adorned with messages of God’s love.

Or not.


Along with ones saying “Got Jesus?” and “Fear God” are shirts declaring, “Satan Sucks,” “My God can kick your god’s butt,” and “To Hell with the Devil.”

“Our shirts are a little extreme, but I think God is spreading the word and having the youngsters shout out their faith,” Devins said…

Strongly worded religious apparel is a growing trend, said Catherine Stellin, vice president of The Intelligence Group in Los Angeles, which forecasts trends. She said Devins “is ahead of the curve” with her stores.

Teens and those in their early 20s see consumerism as a way to express convictions, she said…

But it’s about more than being obnoxious, these enterprising entrepreneurs insist.

“I couldn’t feel any other way than doing this is doing the work of the Lord. He filled us with this purpose to do this,” she said…

Hard to believe with such a winning and Heaven-sanctioned idea, but there could be a downside.

“My concern with the T-shirts is that may be good for rallying the faithful, but offensive to those outside that circle,” Detweiler said. “Did Jesus build bridges or burn them? Did Jesus ever say they shall know us by our T-shirts?”

Yeah, wasn’t that in the New Testament, between the part about not doing stem cell research and the part that says gays can’t serve in the military?

…Wearers often want to make a point, said Kelton Cobb, professor of theology and ethics at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut.

“If I wear it, I’m not only saying that I’m a religious believer but that I’m also a cool and clever religious believer,” Cobb said.

Thanks for explaining that. The point would have actually eluded me.


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