Waynesville Wingnut Preacher Resigns, Says Church Tapes Were ‘Doctored’

Chan Chandler, right, the western N.C. preacher who expelled members of his church who objected to the incessant rightwing politicizing in his sermons – and who has since lied repeatedly about kicking them out, now says his detractors may have manipulated tape recordings of his sermons.

“The church has the tapes,” he said, adding that, if such a tape does reveal he made an overt political endorsement, then such a tape “would have been doctored” or the endorsement was “completely unintentional.”

If the tapes have not been tampered with and Chandler is on the record shilling for the GOP from the pulpit, the church’s non-profit status could be in jeopardy.

There was more paranoia and craziness at the business meeting last night where he surprised his supporters by resigning.

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