The Microsoft Evangelist and His Ministry of Hate

Ken Hutcherson, right, is the former pro football player turned religious extremist who put Microsoft in a spin, reversing itself and then re-reversing itself, regarding legislation to ban discrimination against gays in the workplace. I happened to see him interviewed last week and I agree with this assessment of him by Connie Shultz, a columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Here’s what I find so scary about the Rev. Ken Hutcherson, the latest gay-bashing preacher in the news.

It’s not the clever way the Seattle-area minister bends the Bible to berate an entire group of his fellow human beings. He’s got plenty of company on that one.

It’s not his threat to start a national boycott against Microsoft if the company supported an anti-discrimination bill that included gays and lesbians. That was a boycott that would have failed if only Bill Gates and Co. hadn’t crumbled.

What I find most troubling about Hutcherson is the charm he brings with every blow to civil liberties. His wit and self-deprecatory humor make for real entertainment, and laughter is a great way to disguise the hate he’s peddling.

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