Huffington Blog Launch

Arianna Huffington’s blog lives up to its hype. All the blogs that poked fun of it as it was gestating have stopped, in part because a lot of them are featured on the blogroll and will enjoy higher traffic because of it. Interesting to note that yesterday’s New York Times printed comments by Gawker Empire’s Nick Denton to the effect that blogging isn’t really the revolution it’s purported to be. The Huffington Post, which went live today, indicates that it is; its starpower and wealth of material push the genre forward a few steps. Blogging can no longer be thought of as the realm of snarky geeks and crackpots.

This post from Brad Hall and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is pretty funny:

Like most Americans, I had hoped that the Defense of Marriage Act would do just that: defend my marriage. Apparently not. Look around and you’ll see the gays getting gay-married all over the place, and, to quote, well, everyone: gay marriage destroys real marriage. Now, when I come home to my wife, I feel nothing. How could I? SHE COULD BE A MAN. Thanks a lot, gays. Thanks for rendering our vows obsolete. Thanks for illegitimizing our sons. Thanks for tearing asunder a great institution that has heretofore withstood Las Vegas, Elizabeth Taylor, Larry King and Britney Spears combined.

It is pretty interesting. Lots of short tasty bits. I understand why she’s positioning it as a blog but it’s really an online magazine like Slate or Salon.


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