Rightwing Washington Times Slams GOP on Deficit

The Washington Times, which is owned by the Unification Church, is well to the right of Fox News and The Weekly Standard, so it is surprising to see this editorial from the Moonie paper this morning, lambasting the Republicans for piling up deficits, seemingly without care.

With a full complement of smoke and mirrors distorting spending, revenues and the deficit, the Republican Congress recently passed its 2006 budget resolution.

Admittedly, the 2006 budget does project a modicum of spending restraint in some areas, such as domestic discretionary spending. But health-care entitlement spending … will proceed full-speed ahead. Moreover, the resolution’s celebrated achievement — chopping the federal budget deficit in half between 2004 ($521 billion) and 2008 ($254 billion) — is accomplished only by using gimmicks and other subterfuge.

This is an issue that Democrats have railed against but have yet to gain a foothold with in the public mindshare. The Gops always dismiss the deficit as a by-product of 9/11, which it is not.


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