House Blend Has Actual Freeper Quotes™ on Robertson’s Latest Gaffe

Every normal American owes Pam Spaulding at Pam’s House Blend a debt of gratitude. She often risks getting slime on her Internets by visiting Freeperville to bring back a dose of buzz from the Dark Side, which she calls Actual Freeper Quotes™.

Here’s a taste of the AFQ in response to Pat Robertson’s statement on Sunday that our constitutionally mandated independent judiciary is a greater threat than Islamic terrorists :

“As much as i like the guy comments like these are over the line. I think the judiciary is a threat, but saying that a bunch of unelected judges are worse than terrorists who want to blow us up is silly. Robertson really should take back what he said.”

“Man oh man..this is SURE to raise the credibility of the Republican Party and conservatives in general. Get a grip, Pat.”

“I’m no fan of Robertson, but the basic hypothesis has some good arguments for it. AQ killed 3000 Americans, judges have killed 40,000,000 and counting.”

“What a stupid thing to say! This will of course be used against the cause of stopping judicial activism. With friends like this, who needs enemies? It’s as bad as the abortionist killers or the Phelps “God hates f**s” people for harming the cause of decency, pro-life, pro-family and judicial restraint.”

“Everyone please pray for Pat!”

“What a stupid thing to say, especially after the Delay fracas. He’s senile and should be replaced.”

“Only difference between Pat Roberts and someone like Paul Crouch is better clothes and smoother delivery. In his heart, he is a bitter little snake-oil salesman, nothing more.”

“He may not have worded it correctly, but I think his premise is not so off. Judges have the potential to take down the country more effectively than the terrorists. Particularly now that Al Queda has been checked. Not to mention that judges have allowed millions of babies to be killed through judicial activism. That is pretty serious stuff.”

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