ABC to Run Ad from Homophobic, Lying Hate Group


This is really outrageous. According to the NYT, ABC is running an ad from hate group Focus on the Family during the season finale Monday of the hit primetime show Supernanny. This after CBS and NBC refused to run an ad from the United Church of Christ because it dared to be welcoming of gays.

Focus on the Family is a hate group and has a history of lying and distorting facts when speaking to the media. Any org that wanted to focus on them and challenge their lies in major stories could have made this group untouchable for any respectable media outlet years ago. Ditto the Traditional Values Coalition et al. But they’re considered repsectable enough to run ads on major networks but a Christian church is not?

Contact ABC News Chief Doug Westin: – or 212.456.6200. fax: 212.456.4292


2 thoughts on “ABC to Run Ad from Homophobic, Lying Hate Group”

  1. ABC just ran a special “extreme home make over” edition dedicated to Focus on the Family and ABC’s the “View” had an Exodus International special on. Talk about extreme homophobia at ABC.

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