Just Shoot Me

From Daily Kos:

It’s been really quite interesting how the rightwingosphere has just about completely ignored Tom DeLay’s corruption and utter perversion of the very values that brought the GOP to power.

Now that the WSJ has greenlighted attacks on DeLay, that might change, but the silence over DeLay’s perversions of democracy has been deafening.

Now everyone knows that I have never been afraid to take on Democrats when I think they are doing the wrong thing. But then again, this is a different place than the mindless automatons taking their talking cues from Limbaugh and company.

But I need a favor: when Democrats take power and become the majority party, and some of them start acting like DeLay (which is inevitable — power corrupts), please make sure I’m speaking out against such corruption. And if I don’t, line me up against the metaphorical wall and shoot me.

I don’t ever want to become what they are.


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