Death Threats for Inventor of “Fox Blocker”

Sam Kimery is the proud inventor of a device that rids your television of Fox News infestations. “Fox Blocker” is a small silver device that attaches to the back of the TV. Once installed – poof! – no more Hannity, O’Reilly, Shep or those three yokels in the morning who look like they’re doing a local news in Des Moines.

Sales have been slow, so far. Kimery, a former GOP precinct captain from Tulsa, has only sold about 100 units. This doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of interest in Fox Blocker, however. Kimery says he has received “thousands of e-mails, both angry and complimentary — as well as a few death threats.

“‘Apparently the making of terroristic threats against those who don’t share your views is a high art form among a certain core audience,’ said Kimery, 45.”

The reaction of the Fox official who commented on the story is classic: “The channel’s [high] ratings speak for themselves.” Meaning: We’re popular. So that fact that we’re no better than Tass, the Kremlin’s propaganda channel back in the Soviet days, is irrelevant.

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