A Lot Can Happen in Two Years

At least, that’s probably what George W. is thinking.

Reuters is reporting our supreme allied commander has extended by two years the time a government panel can take to release their findings on links between the CIA and the Nazis.

The bill approved by Congress would extend the group’s life through March 2007.

The Nazi war crimes act requires federal agencies to provide the working group with all documents pertaining to Nazi war criminals for possible declassification and release.

The CIA, which has already turned over an estimated 1.25 million pages of documents, refused to release hundreds of thousands more — many dealing with its postwar ties to Nazis who have not been accused of war crimes.

The U.S. spy agency relented this month and agreed in principle to release more documents after Republican Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio, a prominent backer of the legislation, demanded CIA Director Porter Goss explain the CIA’s position at a public hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Let’s see…any Bush relatives likely to be implicated in anything here? Well, W’s grandfather Prescott and great-grandfather Herbert Walker Bush had assests taken under the “Trading with the Enemy Act” for financing Nazis. And then there are the voluminous links between the Bushes and the CIA, most recently George Sr. heading up the agency.

There’s just too much online for me to track down the best and most succinct on this, but if you’re interested and don’t already know about it, I recommend you start searching. If you’re already familiar with the particulars, go ahead and groan now.


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